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Graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil and Gas: (2007), business management, specialist in business management; (2008), Public Administration, Master’s Degree in Economics.

2008 – 2019 used to work at the Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil and Gas.

2017 – defended PhD thesis in the specialty 08.00.04 – Economics and Management of Enterprises (by the types of economic activity), on the topic “Formation of a mechanism for managing the motivation of managerial work in oil and gas enterprises”.

2019 – received the rank of Associate Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

2019 – up to now works at the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

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The author of more than 20 educational-methodological works among which methodological recommendations on studying of separate disciplines, writing of course, diploma theses, and methodological recommendations on in-field pre-graduation internship.

Supervises master’s theses and prepares students for participation in scientific conferences.

Courses: marketing management, methods of decision making in projects, economic diagnostics, business diagnostics, marketing in business administration.

Scientific activities

The scientific work consists of more than 45 works of scientific and educational character.

Among them: 1 collective monograph, 20 papers in professional scientific journals, incl. 5 in editions included in Scopus database (h-index (Hirsch index) – 2 (2018), 25 conference abstracts.

Member of the editorial board of a scientific publication included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine (Scientific Bulletin of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. Series: Economics and Management in the Oil and Gas Industry)

Scientific interests: management of work motivation of managers, sociometric researches, protocol of diagnostics of enterprise stakeholders.


Proficiency enhancement

  1. Postgraduate studies in the Ivano-Frankivsk State Technical University of Oil and Gas 01.12.2010-21.01.2016
  2. PhD thesis defense 31.01.2017.
  3. Award of a scientific degree – PhD (in Economics) (Doctor of Philosophy) in 2017.
  4. Advanced training in the program “Fundamentals of Electronic Course Design”, certificate №02070855 / 000049-18 of 15.06.2018.
  5. International Internship (Scientific Internship for Educators of Academic Integrity, Warsaw, Poland) for 120 hours with certificate (01.10.2018-14.10.2018, certificate WP-03-11)